Meet our team

Mateusz Owi Owsiany MPMTeam

Mateusz Owi Owsiany

CEO & Founder

Paulina Bogińczuk

Project Manager & Co-Founder

Mateusz Baranowski

3D Design Lead & 3D Generalist

Julia Łebek

3D Animation Lead & 3D Generalist

Wiktoria Łebek

Graphic Designer & Junior Motion Graphics Designer

Jacek Bielak

Motion Graphics Designer

Our history

MPMTeam now

What started out as a dream of a teenage boy, with a great passion for creating, is now a professional company that works with clients from all around the world.

MPMTEAM was created in Wroclaw, Poland by Mateusz Owsiany. In the beginning it was a solo project, just him, his PC and a whole bunch of ideas.

Along the way he found other hardworking, skillful, young people and decided to turn his one-man-show into a team. Since then we work every day to help our clients with advertisement and to extend the offer of MPMTeam.

Our mission is to create visually pleasing, meaningful, and successful 3D animated advertisements for clients from all around the world. We pride ourselves on taking on challenges, we long for new experiences and provide as much value as possible!

We are a team of marketing and technology geeks, we have a fresh perspective, are full of new, inspiring ideas, and are constantly growing as professionals. 

The top priority for us will always be helping with improving clients’ sales and staying true to their brand.

We provide a fresh perspective on the advertisement and an understanding of what potential clients look for in their campaigns. The whole Team loves to connect with new people and has worked with clients from many parts of the world, from the US and Switzerland to Australia. Good communication and connecting with our clients is something we put a lot of effort into and pride ourselves in. 

The best work is created out of passion and dedication. And that’s what our Team has plenty of, all of our staffers began their journey with animation and advertising as a hobby. Doing it simply because it brought them joy. Over time, they kept educating themselves, gaining experience and eventually started to benefit financially from what they once considered pastime. 

We never stop learning, we want to be exceptional in what we do.

The agency wants to ensure the highest quality 3D Animations to our clients. 

Your success is our pride!