Meet our team

Mateusz Owi Owsiany

Motion Graphics Designer & VFX Compositor, Founder of MPMTeam

Paulina Bogińczuk

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Mateusz Baranowski

3D Modeler & 3D Character Artist

Magdalena Madzialke Szymanowska

3D Generalist & Graphic Designer

Our history

What started out as a dream of a teenage boy, with a great passion for creating, is now a professional company that works with clients from all around the world.

MPMTEAM was created in Wroclaw, Poland by Mateusz Owsiany. In the beginning it was a solo project, just him, his PC and a whole bunch of ideas.

Along the way he found other hardworking, skillful, young people and decided to turn his one-man-show into a team. Since then we work every day to help our clients with advertisement and to extend the offer of MPM TEAM.